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Good news about Leony!

Sorry ,
That we do not write to you before .
Leony is better now .
We must feed her with vegs with less calcium.  
She have antibiotic and phytotherapy.
We hope you are well too. 

Wonderful news!
I am very happy for you and your bunnies.  I pray both Leony and Finley stay healthy and happy. <3
Much love,

--- princesstaz wrote:

> This is Jane.
> I have not been getting notifications when my friends write in their journals.
> Someone told me about your post saying Leony had an operation on her bladder and that Finley visited her.
> Is Leony well again and home with you and Finley?  I pray it is so.

News of Finley and Leony

I wrote to our dear Finley and asked if he and Leony were okay.  Below is his reply.

Please say prayers or send healing vibes for him and less-stress vibes for his mummy and daddy.

Dear Aunt Jane,

Desolate not having put our newspaper up to date, Daddy has a new job and he works a lot of hours. Our Mummy does not know how to write English and does not use the putter well. Mummy and daddy are getting older and they are very tired. Leony had two years in May, I am going to be 5 years old in July.
I often go to the vet because I am very tired and my poos remain very soft. The vet took a lot of blood from me to look for something. I had an eccography, which shows that my intestines are very fine in some places. Every month a lady osteophate comes to our burrow to relieve me, and Daddy asked for Leony also because she had a little hurt on her back, it makes us good. I have drugs to take, but I do not like, and when Mummy catches me to give them to me, I sulk, I do not eat any more and do more poo.
Mummy and Daddy are worried about it, because I have to take intestinal and "Royal bee jelly" for my immune defense.
We do not go out in our garden, Mummy is sorry because there is plenty of salad and good plants and flowers. Robin the red throat come every day and Daddy gives food to a family hedgehog .
Here warm days arrived in advance, we have lots of ants, this must be an exceptional year for them.
We hope you are well and that you enjoy your garden with Sasha the wild bunny.
Big hugs from Leony Mummy Daddy and Me


Ps: we keep Live Journal and we try to deliver news.

PrincessTaz, please tell dear Sasha Happy Birthday from me.

Miss you both

Happy Birthday Bruno

You are missed.
Say "hi" to PrincessTaz for me <3
Andy Clarke   12/14/2015
After 11 years and 9 months the time came for Merry to, as the euphemism goes, pass over the rainbow bridge. I spent all day with her Sunday, caring for her and observing her, and decided that waiting any longer was the wrong thing to do.

She was still active and relatively healthy until the last two months of her life; we should all be as lucky as that.

I’m kind of surprised Merry lived so long. She was a sickly little bunny as a kit, always sneezing, and then all the years Sue was in and out of the hospital she kept going into GI stasis; I guess it was the stress of the situation, because after Sue’s death it hardly ever happened again.

I remember the day we got Merry. Sue had been hinting about getting a bunny for some time. Then one day we went to the South Shore Mall to get our annual eye exams and new glasses. We stopped in the pet store, and Sue fell in love with a tiny little bunny there. I told her she should think about it, and we agreed that if the bunny was still there when we picked up our glasses, we would get her. She was, and that bun became Merry.

Sue did everything she could to take the best care of Merry. She was Sue’s “fur-kid”, and she lavished love and affection on her. We eventually got a companion for her, the rescue bunny Ringo, and met lots of bunny-owners online who we became friends with.

After Sue died I continued to take care of Merry as best I could, and I think the fact she lived so long and so well means I did a fair job of that. Losing her is not only losing a pet, it’s like losing a little bit of Sue I still had left. I feel bad for Ringo; he’s been right there next to Merry ever since she came back from the vet last week. She’ll be missed.

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our very first Christmas card has arrived from across the Big Pond!  Just eight days must surely be a record?!

Thank you Annie and Smokey <3  You two draw the best cards ever.

By the way Annie, if your hat is missing I can give you a hint as to where it may be :)

Your friend Little Brother

and mom
This is a picture of a bunny who ate skirting board - you can see the lead paint in his body :(
Here is what the vet said:

At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic, we love that most of our clients have indoor bunnies. However, when our bunnies live a comfortable life inside with us, there are a few unexpected dangers that their human friends need to be aware of to keep bunnies healthy & happy. Old houses contain lead paint in skirting boards and doors. Electrical cords can be deadly.

This xray is of a little bunny that had chewed an electric cord and we cannot rule out that he may have had a nibble on some old lead paint at some stage. Not eating as normal, the xrays reveal an amount of metal that is visible throughout the body (seen as white dots).
I don't know if Hayley will be able to post here as well as Facebook, so I am sharing this with you

From Facebook Hayley Watt
6/14/15 at 2:58pm ·

This is a bunny enjoying the grass..!! But to warn my bunny friends, he can no longer hop and can only stand upright when on the lawn. So we are sad to say that the decision has been made and Archie will be crossing the Bridge one day next week. Love my boy

Miles Watt
2 hrs (6/15)

RIP Archie 6th Feb 2011 - 15th June 2015, gone but not forgotten

I am hoping Paul, who has more experience, can share with you some of the photos on Hayley's and Miles' Facebook pages.

Broken Hearted

Our Mocha Chip passed away peacefully in his mama's arms March 4th.
I'm going to miss my liitle nephew :(
Please send comforting vibes to his parents.